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        What is Mesos? A distributed systems kernel

        Mesos is built using the same principles as the Linux kernel, only at a different level of abstraction. The Mesos
        kernel runs on every machine and provides applications (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch) with API’s for
        resource management and scheduling across entire datacenter and cloud environments.

        Linear scalability

        Industry proven to easily scale to 10,000s of nodes.

        High availability

        Fault-tolerant replicated master and agents using Zookeeper. Non-disruptive upgrades.


        Native support for launching containers with Docker and AppC images.

        Pluggable isolation

        First class isolation support for CPU, memory, disk, ports, GPU, and modules for custom resource isolation.

        Two level scheduling

        Support for running cloud native and legacy applications in the same cluster with pluggable scheduling policies.


        HTTP APIs for developing new distributed applications, for operating the cluster, and for monitoring.

        Web UI

        Built-in Web UI for viewing cluster state and navigating container sandboxes.

        Cross Platform

        Runs on Linux, OSX and Windows. Cloud provider agnostic.

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